Why offsite backup

A reliable regime for offsite backup and storage requires:

  • frequent, regular backup
  • encryption of the data for confidentiality
  • secure transport
  • data integrity
  • fast access to the data

It’s difficult and costly for organisations to achieve these requirements in-house. Backing up internally intrudes on core business activities and staff typically treat it as low priority. The system often relies on unprofessional practices such as tapes being taken home by staff. When staff are ill, on vacation or change there is an hiatus. As a result secure procedures are often bypassed, even though the risks of losing vital information are known.

The personnel costs of in-house backup are high and often severely underestimated. Add them up! They include: procedure setup, testing and maintenance, backup organisation, daily tape management, restore checking, and quality control.

The Solution

DataSafe’s offsite backup service meets all the requirements – securely, professionally and cost-effectively.

Simple and Hassle Free

Automated offsite backup with RemoteSafe™ and iBusNova™ software gives the full benefits of rigorous data management with minimal impact on your operations. The retrieval system is fast and easy.

IT Infrastructure and Support

As an independent company IT has always been a real minefield for us. Due to our growth and office move our IT infrastructure needed updating and improving. After looking for an IT provider who was both cost effective and efficient, I stumbled across a Datasafe team member. My initial conversation with them left me in no doubt that they were the right company for me. Unlike others I had spoken to they took the time to understand what we were about, what we needed and what would work best for us and most cost effective. There charges were also very reasonable and we quickly agreed to proceed. Things then moved quickly. They supplied and installed a new server and ensured the network, secure remote access to the server and all systems. I was confident in them sorting out my IT so I could concentrate on moving office and running my business. Any niggles have been minimal and DataSafe have continued to promptly iron out any issues promptly and sometimes gone beyond remit. There charges are reasonable and their personal service is a breath of fresh air. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Should anyone have any doubts I am happy to speak to anyone to recommend them..

Saad Elani – MD Concept Spaces – Estate Agents

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