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Michael Strelitz portrait, shot at Old Sessions House (after BNI meeting)

Michael Strelitz

DataSafe Services has been providing IT Services since 1995.

The company was founded by Michael Strelitz B.Sc(Hons); D.I.C.; MBA after 23 years experience in business development and management – particularly in the areas of information storage and retrieval – for public corporations including De La Rue, Tricentrol and ICI.

Michael has applied this knowledge and expertise in business to smaller organisations to help them achieve the same level of IT support and continuity for their operations as larger enterprises, thus assisting them to be productive and competitive. In this, he is supported by a highly able qualified team.




Registered Office: United House, North Road, London N7 9DP

Registered Number 1999773 England

VAT No. 662983495

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