How DataSafe’s RemoteSafeTM Backup works

Cutting-edge backup software

We use iBusNova software to send your data to us via your internet connection.

iBusNova is DataSafe’s proprietary backup software that is compatible with all Windows operating systems above and is easy to install.

You select which drives, directories or files to backup or exclude. Backup can be from both local or on networked computers.

Apple Mac computers can be backed up via a Windows computer. If your organisations only has Apple Macs, ask us about our free Windows computer loan service.

Pre-set or on-demand backups

After the initial full backup, only files that have been changed and new files will be backed up.

You can choose whether to back up automatically at pre-set times, or you can backup on demand. You can also mix these as required.

When the backup process begins, our software will:

  • Collect, compress (between and 2-20 times) and encrypt your files
  • Check the compression and encryption
  • Automatically connect with DataSafe and transmit the data to our site

As well as keeping your current data online, we make a daily tape copy of your backup and secure it offsite from us.

Secure storage

The latest versions of your backup are kept online. When you need a backup it is placed online for instant recall by direct download, unless the amount of data means this would take too long. In that circumstance, the backup is brought to your site or sent to you on a memory stick or external hard drive.

In addition, all versions of your files are archived on tape (two copies) in fire-proof media safes for two years (or more as required by you).

Fully Managed Service

RemoteSafeTM is a fully managed service that it is hassle free for you. For those on fixed backup schedules we will contact you if we do not receive a backup or if we note any aspect of your backup that is out of your normal pattern.

DataSafe also offers a free helpline service, so you have peace of mind that you are backing up safely and securely every time.

For your free no obligation trial and to start backing up your data today, CALL US NOW on 0800 612 6796 or email with your contact details. One of our engineers will contact you to set up your trial. If you are already using a similar system, you may be eligible for a competitive upgrade.

Wifi connectivity

We were experiencing difficulty with our wireless connectivity across the 4 floors of our office space. There were  intermittent and unreliable connections.

Michael of DataSafe arranged for one of his specialists to visit the property, assess the problem and propose a solution.

Datasafe spent two hours at the property examining the existing system.  A solution was suggested which was implemented that day.

Since then the issue has been resolved and we enjoy reliable wireless Internet throughout the building.

In summary I found Datasafe to be professional, quick and effective and would highly recommend their services. I would certainly use them again.

Lefkos Kyriacou – Figure 1 – Architects

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