SCHEDULE – RemoteSafe Services

 1.   DataSafe will supply suitable software for the operation of this service (iBus and/or iBusNova and related programmes or other software with equivalent functionality), installation instructions and telephone support and will optionally install and setup the software on Client’s compatible computer and will ensure the system is working. However the Client is always absolutely and unconditionally responsible for checking the specification of the Backup Template.

2.  DataSafe will make an optional full backup of the Data on Client’s computers on tape or disk. DataSafe will store the Media in its media safe (a facility designed to offer physical, water, magnetic field and fire resistant security for Media).

3.  DataSafe will optionally train Client staff to use and maintain the system.

4.  When properly setup and maintained, the software will work as follows: On each agreed day of the week either all Files that have changed since the previous backup together with new Files (Incremental Backup), or all new and changed Files specified by date (Special Backup) will be automatically transmitted at an agreed time from Client’s computer to the DataSafe computer in a compressed and encrypted form (but not Files that have not been included in the setup and not locked Files) via the Client’s Internet connection. If a backup or file is too large to be transmitted in a reasonable time (overnight or on a weekend), DataSafe will make alternative arrangements to retrieve the file(s). The charge for this will be the same as if the file(s) had been backed up via the Internet.

5.  Client or Client’s Agent is required to inform DataSafe of any changes in backup requirements.

6.  The following Business Day or sooner, DataSafe will make a backup of all the Files transmitted and store the backed up Files in one of its media safes. If an expected transmission fails to occur or complete, DataSafe will resolve the problem independently or failing that contact Client or Client’s Agent that day or on the next Business Day.  DataSafe will keep two copies of all backups for at least two years as part of the RemoteSafe service.  The latest copy of each file backed up will be kept on-line and any earlier versions of those files will be kept on-line for at least one week. After two years, in the absence of an agreement with Client as to the future of those backups, earlier versions of Files more than two years old may be erased.

7.  Client may recall on-line backed up files on demand at any time subject to engineering work on weekends. Earlier versions of Files not on-line will be placed on-line at Client’s request and at Client’s expense between 9am and 5pm on Business Days.

8.  DataSafe will support Client with a telephone, email and fax service between 9am and 5.30pm on Business Days as part of the standard service.

Emergency Return of Files: Client may between 9am and 5.30pm on Business Days request a return of specified Files and Client’s Media directly to Client’s premises.  DataSafe will respond at Client’s expense by returning a copy of the Files and/or Client’s Media by the means specified with top priority.

Restore Services: Client has the option and DataSafe has the obligation if so requested to assist Client in restoring Client’s Files from Client Data backed up under this Service.  This obligation does not extend to the configuration of applications to access restored files.

9.  Charges: All regular charges are specified in the relevant current RemoteSafe Subscriber Fees.  There is a one-time Setup Fee and a separate charge for optional initial full backups depending on size. Thereafter a minimum Monthly Fee is payable quarterly in advance according to Client’s chosen service.  Megabytes are rounded to the nearest tenth. There are monthly charges (per megabyte transmitted) for any excesses above the minimum selected.  Any Extra Services requested are also charged. There is an Annual Service Fee payable in advance after the first year. In addition in the event of termination the minimum fee charged for all the data backed up in any month will be the average monthly fee including any excesses charged to the Client in the preceding 12 months or such lesser time that the Client has been using the RemoteSafe service.