Laptop Tracking

Tracking your missing mobile devices

DataSafe is pleased to bring options for device tracking to your attention.

Without DataSafe support:

PREY is a free or Pro paid for service (with added functionality and performance) that will allow you to track your mobile device if it is stolen or otherwise missing – provided it is connected to the internet. The programme can be downloaded from:

When your device goes missing, you will need to log on to the web site from another computer (remembering your username and password) and invoke the service.


DataSafe can take the time and hassle of your hands:

As with any software, learning is required to set it up correctly to align with your requirements, as well as to test it, monitor it, and then to use it. DataSafe now offers our clients the following options at a small charge:

a )Installation, setup and Testing: After initial checks you do all monitoring. Cost: £20.00+VAT. You can also choose whether to use the free or Pro version and subscribe to Prey yourself.

b) Installation, setup, testing & monthly checks by DataSafe. Using Pro version. Cost: £20.00+ £5.00/month + VAT. Minimum 6 month periods. We will also track devicess that go missing and report any information to you at a cost of £60.00/hour worked +VAT.

See for yourself – example of a missing laptop report at:

Provided Wifi is activated you will see:

  • The location of the laptop
  • A picture of the person using the laptop (needs a working webcam)
  • A screen shot
  • Other relevant details

With this information you can locate where the device is, see who is using it, and if they access a social network, for example, possibly their name as well.

To sign up for this service, or for more information, call DataSafe on 020 7607 2262 or email