Keeping your Zoom meetings safe

Posted by MichaelStrelitz 3 months ago

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Zoom is the easiest and simplest video conferencing app to use for most standard requirements. However, with the rise and rise of its usage during the current health crisis, it has come in for some criticism. These relate primarily to security issues and the use of your personal information. 

Whilst these issues are being addressed with urgency by the company, there will remain a number of settings (when organising a meeting) that are notset correctly by default. These could lead to problems of uninvited guests, leaked data, and malicious links. There is a very good on-line video that explains these settings. We cannot recommend it highly enough:

This is a listing of the key settings to check:

  1. Participants video – Off
  2. Only authenticated users can join meetings – On
  3. Require a password – On
  4. Mute participants on entry – On
  5. Chat – OFF
  6. Play a sound when participant joins or leaves – On
  7. File transfer -Off
  8. Screen sharing – Host only
  9. Disable desktop/screenshare for users
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