How to succeed – in two places at once

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Sometimes you need to be in two places at the same time. And sometimes you have an opportunity you want to follow in one place when you’re in another!

One of DataSafe’s clients had this scenario last week, and we supported her presenting to a conference in Cambridge while she was in Vienna for another event.

The solution was to use Skype – and we coached her through the steps, so she could concentrate on presenting, without being distracted by getting the technology to work.

Here’s what happened

At the scheduled time in the Cambridge programme, she video-called the conference host using wifi in her Vienna hotel room. Her presentation was displayed on the main conference screen, on which the audience could also see her in real time. She presented, controlling the slide changes at the pace that she chose. Importantly for good delivery, she could hear the audience, gauge their response, and answer questions as if she were present.


A post-mortem showed this strategy to be extremely successful all round. The presentation was very clear, and the audience were very engaged. To quote the host: “Many thanks – your presentation fitted into the sequence beautifully, and the Skype link was actually a bonus for impressing the audience.” And our client is very pleased to have maximised her productivity. An added benefit was zero cost – with Skype and the Hotel’s wifi, this was all for free.

You can do it too

So DataSafe is making it easy for to do this too. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your Presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Click on: Slide Show/ Set up Slide Show/ Browsed by an individual (window) and press OK
  3. Click: From start
  4. Now open Skype / check you’re well centred in the camera on your device / choose your contact / press video-call
  5. On the upper menu, choose Conversation / Share Screens
  6. Go to your presentation window and double-click
  7. Minimise Skype
  8. Click in your presentation and enjoy giving your presentation, changing the slides in your time!
  9. Test a couple of times
(These steps are for Macs – some minor variations may need to apply depending on the Operating System and Powerpoint version)

Be productive with DataSafe

Anything else you’d like help with, just call DataSafe.

We’re here to give you the IT support to help you succeed.

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