Office worker survey: IT problems the top gripe

Posted by MichaelStrelitz 4 years ago

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Is your colleague’s loud munching while eating lunch at their desk driving you up the wall? You’re not alone.

Noisy or messy eaters, together with moaning co-workers, were among the top complaints of 1,000 office workers asked to name their biggest workplace irritations.

In a  survey by consultancy Censuswide that questioned 1,000 workers from small UK firms with under 250 employees, commissioned by Samsung, the results suggest distractions caused by colleagues led to workers losing 22 minutes each day on average.

However, workers said issues with technology were their biggest problem.

An overwhelming majority (92%) said crashing computers, slow internet and no access to email not only frustrated and annoyed them, but resulted in them losing almost half an hour of working time a day on average.

The other big issue bothering office workers was the temperature. 82% said being too hot or too cold was their biggest bugbear. Uncomfortable seats were also an issue.

In total, Samsung suggests that irritations involving colleagues, IT problems and workplace issues resulted in workers wasting five-and-a-half hours a week.

An additional cost to businesses is that such annoyances could push people into quitting.

Almost a third of those surveyed said they had left a job because of an irritating colleague, 20% because of the workplace itself and 10% because of technology frustrations.


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