BrainSwarming ..the new Brainstorming Technique

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Problem solving and decision making is a challenge for most – personally and professionally. This new kid on the block may well be able to ease the way forward for us all.

If there’s a problem to be solved? ‘Let’s brainstorm it’ will often be heard and those involved will all be drawn into a huddle.

BrainSwarming because BrainStorming doesn’t work?

Needless to say, when I was referred to an article with that title, the doubting Thomas inside me was ready to reject it. Just another idea created by someone changing something that already works – for change sake.

Well? It is a distillation of a Harvard Business Review webinar by BrainSwarming’s creator – innovation expert Dr Tony McCaffrey. In it he promises to outline in 3 steps how to collaboratively build a BrainSwarming graph that generates innovative ideas and creative solutions to problems.

I read the article. Skimming down the paragraphs ..blah de blah de blah. Mmmmm? Not doing it for me….. and then….Eureka. Goal in sight!

The words turn to images, graphically displaying a BrainSwarm or two. The first somewhat obscure example, is of a truck stuck under a flyover. The driver’s conundrum (problem to be solved) is how to extricate said truck from said situation.

I read through the steps and I get it. So simple. So clever.

Building out from what starts as a brainstorm in my view, and adding a methodology is the crux of the change. And, something I hadn’t considered before, it gives a voice to the introverts who usually get shouted out by the extroverts in a brainstorm exercise.

The result is – I’m a BrainSwarming convert. I take back my scepticism. I think Dr McCaffrey @TonyMcCaffrey has hit on something.

Read the article and see what you think.

Is it just me? Do you get it? Can you imagine using BrainSwarming for solving problems (business/personal whatever)?
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