Practice what you preach

Posted by MichaelStrelitz 5 years ago

Categories: General, Safe Recovery

What do you do about your own backup and disaster recovery potential clients always ask us. The answer is simple. We practice what we preach.

Every day we backup our own operational data safely and securely to our second site (a copy of our client backup data goes there as a matter of course).

Similarly our disaster recovery strategy ensures we can recover our servers quickly on to the same or different hardware in the event of a failure.

It was such an event this week that prompted this blog. A Windows 2012 server running both our ACT contact management software and our Email server (both within their own separate (virtualised) boxes) collapsed. We were able to get both up and running again within 40 minutes by loading and configuring snapshots of each of the boxes on to another server in our datacentre. Voila!

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