Case Studies

Evergreen Marine Limited

Network Installation and Configuration

Netgear PoE Switch installation and VLAN configuration as a subcontractor to Admiral Group



Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd. is a UK-flag container shipping company with headquarters in London. Established in January 2002, initially under the name of Hatsu Marine Limited, the company is part of the Evergreen Group which is a multi-billion dollar global business embracing shipping, aviation and the leisure industries.

Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd. markets its global container services under the brand name ‘Evergreen Line’. Together with Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd., Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd., Italia Marittima S.p.A. and Evergreen Marine (Singapore) Pte Ltd., it is one of the world’s leading transportation giants. In addition to this, the company is responsible for developing new markets in North Europe, particularly in Russia and the new member countries of the EU.


Admiral is one of the UK’s leading distributors of office communications solutions, with operations across the country. Admiral provides a dedicated service to a wide range of organisations, from small businesses to globally renowned multinationals.


As part of a large Mitel VOIP telecomms installation project carried out by  Admiral Group (replacing an existing PSTN system), Evergreen UK required new PoE switches to be configured for use on their existing network that would carry both voice and data.

This was to be implemented in their London, Manchester, Felixstowe, Birmingham, Dublin and Glasgow offices with external links to their headquarters in Taiwan. These offices are connected by managed MPLS lines with London being the main hub and linking onwards to the rest of the Evergreen network. London  was also to be the location of the main Mitel PBX to which the Mitel controllers in the other offices would connect for synchronisation.

To adhere with best practices, Evergreen specified that the voice traffic should be separated from their existing data traffic. The switches therefore also needed configuring to enable both types of traffic to pass through successfully.

Also, to utilise the in-built switches on the Mitel handsets, Evergreen UK wanted to be able to plug their computers (daisy-chain) into the handsets whilst maintaining the traffic separation between voice and data.


Datasafe was  tasked with deliverying the necessary network infrustructure to support this Mitel telecomms deployment. The London office requirement was for 184 phones and the Mitel PBX to be integrated into and combined with the existing  computing infrastructure.

From the inception of the project we worked very hard designing and planning the setup with a number of options and many iterations.  This process took about a month,  with plans needing ammending as specifications changed and new information became available. Finally, we passed all our documentation over to the Evergreen’s internal IT Manager, as well as to Admiral Group engineers for a final  approval.

The solution involved configuring and installing  ten 28-port Layer2+ switches for the phones and workstations and an eleventh for the IT department all connecting to a  distribution switch  itself connecting to the exisiting  network.

Implementation threw up a  major issue. The  firewalls were out of local control as they were managed by Evergreen’s ISP in Taiwan. We managed to develop a workaround and proudly delivered the project on time. We separated the data and voice traffic while allowing for pass-through connectivity between user computers and Mitel handsets. This then enabled the Admiral Group to successfully deploy the telephony systems both in London and the branch offices, knowing that the network infrustructure would support their requirements.